Prevention is better than litigation.

Tackling workplace stress is becoming an important business topic, with many organisations realising that good mental health is just as important as good physical health. Many pioneering organisations are incorporating the topic of stress within their wellbeing initiatives, helping to raise awareness of the issues as well as break down stigma.

In the last few years initiatives such as mental health first aid, mindfulness and resilience training have become very commonplace interventions. And while such interventions are widely adopted, you still need to add a big dose of prevention into the mix.

How effective is your current approach to managing stress in your workplace? Do you know whether it contains the right mix of primary, secondary and tertiary interventions to truly be effective?

The HSE are presently advertising a course this it says “will help you to understand the essential components you need to develop a successful strategy, recognise the features, benefits and limitations of popular interventions, critique your current approach to ensure it contains the right ingredients and help you refine your strategy to set you on the road to success.”

If you would like to reduce the risk of costly and time consuming litigation then join the HSE in helping ensure that we all go home healthy.